The Cremation of Sam McGee Kathy Slamp

Robert Service (a Scot) came to the Klondike but didn't mine for gold. He listened to the stories of the miners and those who survived the treacherous trails and began to write ballads about them. He became extremely famous, and is now known as the "poet laurette" of the North. This is one of his MOST POPULAR ballads read by naturalist, Kathy Slamp. ENJOY!

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Comment by Marjorie Harrison on March 30, 2012 at 10:02pm


  Loved listening to you reading  the poem about  Sam McGee.    It delighted me, you are such a good story teller.    I heard your voice when I read the little book "O Ye Jigs & Juleps.  Will have to read it again and need  to leave it within easy reach so I can read it to 2 of our great granddaughters.  I know they will enjoy it also.

     Thank you so  much. 

Marje Harrison

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