Hi from Juneau, Alaska

We are in Juneau today, and it isn't raining!  That's always a good day in Juneu! Our Fourth of July was a rather dreary, but beautiful cloud-covered day at Glacier Bay.

By now, most of you who cruised on the Coral Princess so far this summer are back in the grind of daily living and heat.  We have had two really warm days this summer; most of the rest have been mild.  And, yes, a few have been cold and rainy.  But, that's Alaska.  As you get back into your daily routines, please keep the memories of your Alaska adventure around you:  Perhaps as you look at your own pictures, or videos, or just remember the joy of being in the wldnerness will give you a bit of pause each day.  Come again!  There's more.  A lifetime in Alaska wouldn't even begin to cover its immensity.

Last week in Juneau, I went whale watching for the second time this season and had an experience I've never had before.  There were three pods of orca converging around our small boat.  We actually lost count, but I'm thinking there may have been as many as 30 of them.  They were engaging in "adult behaviors." Orca live and die within the maternal pod to which they are born.  But, the adult males leave the pod to "visit" another pod to impregnate a female.  I'm taking an educated guess that is what was we were observing.  It was truly a "once in a lifetime" chance for me.  (I took videos, so I don't have photos to post here). Many of the Coral passengers experienced the same, and (of course) they were thrilled. Today in Juneau, I enjoyed a relaxing stroll at Mendenhall Glacier!

In a couple days we will finish Cruise #8 for the 2012 season and within a week, the season wlll be HALF over.  It's going fast.  Passengers continue to thrill to the adventure and wildness of Alaska.

I love to read your posts, receive your emails, and view your pictures.  Feel free to keep adding to this site! Others love it, too.

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