Alaska Season 2012 - Blog #1 from Kathy Slamp, Naturalist

Wow!  The months have flown by, and I find myself sitting once again in a Vancouver, BC Starbucks!  On Weds. I boarded the Coral Princess for the 2012 Alaska season, but I boarded this time in San Pedro, California.  The cruise line had me come aboard for the repositioning cruise, and it has turned out to be a stroke of genius! 

Always before, I have boarded the ship the first day of the Alaska season and then end up rushing like crazy to make arrangements, get setup, etc.  Even though I did two shows this week (one on California and one on the Alaska Goldrush), I've had time to make connections, get things arranged, and actually REST a bit.  Because I've been on this ship for half of 2010 and all of 2011, this has been a time of connecting with friends from all over the world.  It's been like "old home week" with a lot of hugs, welcome backs, even kisses.  I've worked with nearly all the significant connection personnel, and those I haven't just give me opportunity for making new friends.

It's been a glorious week of beautiful weather.  Marilyn Fabor, a friend from S. Calif., met me in San Pedro, and we've had a great time together.  In addition, she was a wonderful help in setting up as well as keeping me on track with the myriad of things I needed to do.  Marilyn has sailed with me four seasons, so she certainly "knows the ropes." 

Both in San Francisco and Victoria (last night) Marilyn and I just enjoyed being tourists.  In SF we took a beautiful city tour, and yesterday we went whale watching!  I have been on over 100 whale watching trips and ALWAYS seen a whale, and usually many--until yesterday.  Absolutely none.  But no one was complaining because it turned out to be three glorious hours in a Zodiac with Mt. Baker in clear view.  And, they gave us a rain check as well.  I am posting a folder of San Francisco pictures.

Well.  That's it for the 2012 season opener.  I'll be in touch throughout the season, and I LOVE to hear from you.  You may also check out my Alaskathy Facebook page.  I'd really appreciate it if you would do that and LIKE whatever you feel like "liking."!/pages/Alaskathy/112302885522599

Have a great summer.  And, if you haven't yet uploaded a profile picture, PLEASE do that, too.


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