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It's another Monday (June 11), and I'm sitting in the Vancouver, BC Starbucks trying to catch up on a myriad of business details while I have free Internet.

David has been with me this week along with 16 other friends from around the country.  I just posted some new pictures on the Alaskathy Facebook page.

It has been a near-perfect week weather-wise.  We began on a bright, blue sky day in Whittier!  David said that he could never remember it being that pretty there.  I've been there dozens of times, and I think he's right!

The weather continued down the coast of Alaska with the St. Elias Mountains crystal clear.  In fact, we actually saw Cape St. Elias where Bering landed in 1741.  I think I've seen it about 10 times in over 200 cruises.

The first afternoon we sailed toward Hubbard Glacier through Yakatat Bay and Disenchantment Bay.  Once again, the weather was perfect, and we saw Mt. St. Elias.  In all the dozens of times I've been there I've seen one or two whales in the bay.   This week we saw about 20.  It was unbelievable; they were on both sides of the ship at the same time.  Most of them were groups of one mother and one calf.  Really remarkable.

Glacier Bay was so gorgeous that it was truly heavenly.  Most of our group spent the day together at the back of the ship in the "sanctuary."  It was nice that we all got sunburned!  They even served us afternoon tea back there.  The weather was so glorious that we stayed ALL DAY!

Skagway was great, but Juneau was a typical chilly, rainy SE Alaska day.  We went whale watching, but the whales didnt' care about the weather, and they were still there.

And then came Ketchikan: the rainiest town in North America.  But NOT this week; there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  David and I borrowed a car from a friend and drove our Florida friends all over town.  We went north to Totem Bight and South to Saxman, and topped off the day with a greasy burger at the Burger Queen (seats 10).

So, that's the report.  The forecast was for rain today, but it's beautiful here, too, so this afternoon's sailaway should be breathtaking as we begin with a brand new ship full of excited Alaska cruisers.

I'm looking forward to seeing your posts and pictures! 

Your friend


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Comment by Betty L. Sears on June 28, 2012 at 12:44pm

It was indeed a wonderful cruise - a vacation of a life time.  Thanks Kathy for all of the wonderful advice and sharing your experiences with us.  Don't know what we enjoyed most - there was so much to take in.

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