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It's Monday, and I'm sitting in the Vancouver, BC Starbucks trying to catch up on a myriad of business details while I have free Internet. 

We just completed our second full week in Alaska, and our first southbound cruise.  Hubbard Glacier could not have been better!  Later in the season we get closer, but the passengers were thrilled with a nearly perfect glacial experience.  Hubbard is truly overwhelming!  6.5 miles wide; 76 miles deep; 400 feet above the water, and 200 feet below.  It's size is beyond comprehention, and its majestic beauty surpasses words.

The first week at Glacier Bay, Marjorie did a ton of calving, but very lttle this week and some drizzle.  The passengers still had another great glacier experience.

And then came Skagway!  Not a single cloud in the sky; beautiful snow capped mountains surrounding us and warm temps.  A PERFECT day!  Kim Garci and I took the ferry to Haines and experienced the four-whieel mule drive straight up the mountain at Taukshanuk!  I took some great shots with my phone, but didn't forward them to email, and I can't connect to my email phone here in Vancouver.  Ooops.  I'll change that next week.

Juneau and Ketchikan were both cloudy, but we stayed free of rain until we left Ketchikan yesteray while it POURED. 

Yesterday in "Beautiful British Columbia" was cloudy all day until late last night, and today it's chilly and cloudy. 

I love to hear from you and see ANY Alaska pictures or adventures that you post.  See you next time.



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