250 miles north of Anchorage is Denali--Mount McKinley; at over 20,000 feet, it is the tallest mountain in N. America. 100 miles north of Denali is Fairbanks. Gold was discovered there on the Chena River by Felix Pedro, and until the construction of the railroad, Fairbanks was the territory's largest city. It is now a modern city of over 50,000. Fairbanks is COLD!! It has little wind; snow falls in Oct. and stays on the ground until April. The summer sun shines 24 hours a day; during the winter it is dark, and the night skies are lit by the Aurora Borealis. Fairbanks was militarily strategic during WW II and the Korean Conflict, and it still is today. It's most recent boom came in the 1980s with the construction of the pipeline.

Fairbanks, the Interior's Golden City and Denali


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