Eskimo Yo-Yo

This traditional Native Alaskan toy is now available.

Each Yo-Yo is made by a Native Tglinket Alaskan. 

The Yo-Yos are made with sea otter and include instructions.

Presently, the Yo-Yo is out of stock, but all the other products are readily available!

Currently out of stock, but check back by Dec. 1, 2019.

Majestic Alaska DVD - $19.95
Select Departure City

Kathy's 50 min. professional DVD includes all the SE Alaska ports-of-call, Glacier Bay, College Fjord, Denali, Alaska wildlife and nature scenes, and Alaska's varied modes of transportation. Nearly all stills and videos are Kathy's own, and she narrates the DVD as well. If you have ever visited Alaska or ever plan to visit, Majestic Alaska is for you! The DVD is available with either a Seattle Departure or a Vancouver Departure; when ordering, please indicate which version you prefer. Other than that particular section, the DVDs are identical.

Little House
in the Arctic


Little House
in the Rain Forest


with Majesty


This is the true story of Kathy's childhood in Fairbanks during the Korean War. It is a story of adventure, travel, and history. This book will capture your attention from the first page. It is truly a page turner, and thousands are now in circulation. It includes a glossary, index, and 12 pages of vintage color photos.



After Kathy's family lived in the arctic region of Fairbanks for five years, they moved to Juneau in Alaska's SE rain forest. This book is a continuation of The Little House in the Arctic. It, too, is filled with unbelievable adventures and drama. It includes 12 full vintage color pages also.




At the requests of 1,000s of Alaskan cruisers, in 2007 Kathy published this full color book about Alaska's glaciers. It answers the 12 most asked questions about glaciers; then it features Hubbard Glacier, College Fjord, and Tracy Arm--three of the most remarkable spots on the entire planet. It includes 8 pages highlighting all the lighthouses seen on an Alaska cruise with a bit of history about each.


Children's Book from Kathy Slamp

A Picnic at the Glacier - $10.95 (Free shipping!)

See sample pages below

Josh & Maddy's house
A shocked Josh & Maddy
Mother Bear and her two cubs

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